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“Democratic education infuses the learning process with these fundamental values of our society.  Democratic education sees young people not as passive recipients of knowledge, but rather as active co-creators of their own learning. They are not the products of an education system, but rather valued participants in a vibrant learning community.” -Dana Bennis, IDEA


A democratic school is a general term, describing a myriad of schools and educational institutes, each of them seeing it as a drastically different concept and ideal, some schools are open to the extent that the school may be called an independent republic, or can act similarly to a formal or classical school.


Our school was founded by parents and teachers who had a vision, and still do, to create a better environment for their children to be educated in and to cultivate their curiosity.

Today, 10 years after its opening, it is one of the biggest democratic schools in Israel.

In our school, students choose what they learn, and when they learn it. That is, students are given options for what to learn, they can go to philosophy classes, sports, maths, physics, or almost anything really. If a lesson doesn’t exist students can always suggest for it to be added to the curriculum, or to teach it themselves.

Our school hosts both bi weekly community gathering in which we decide, converse and review, things like whether phones are allowed on school grounds, whether there would be a highschool, and which student innovations will get school funding. anyone is invited to the gatherings, and all are allowed to speak and express their opinion, further more, the votes of students, parents, and even the school's managers are all equal.

Other than decisions made in the gatherings, student committees decide, organize and  are responsible for things decided in the gatherings, for their responsibilities, or their own innovative doings. committees are responsible for things like school events, trips, organizing the themselves and much more.