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Our mission and dream is to change the way students and teachers practice, and see, education. And to create an environment in which we, and all who want to, have the freedom and technical infrastructure to learn and engage in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), which we feel are lacking accessibility.


We believe, and act, in three ways which differentiate us from formal or classical education :


Democratic education, which “-sees young people not as passive recipients of knowledge, but rather as active co-creators of their own learning” -Dana Bennis, IDEA. That is, they must want to learn, and they must not only receive knowledge from their teacher and mentors but also be active in the process bringing to the making of their, and their team’s, learning.


Progressive education, in which rather than simply letting the student solve pre-made puzzles - such as in classic mathematics classes - the student is presented with problems, and is actively solving those problems, learning through their trials and errors.


In a mentor-student relationship, rather than the students being appointed by a teacher towards solving various puzzles regarding their current learning, the mentor guides the students towards problem solving and meaningful learning, aiding him in achieving his personal and his team’s goals. A mentor does that by rather than preparing lessons, helping the student ask meaningful question from which problem solving and learning arise.